Luciana Acuña. Art critic and curator (Argentina):

'His [Kezzyn's] protagonists are not professional models; they are real people with deeply expressive faces and this is especially remarkable because many times the inspiration for his works comes from popular culture. This is so much so that in his ironic reinterpretation nothing is safe: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, references to the Wim Wenders movies and even religious iconography and art history. Anything is capable of being crossed by his unique, sarcastic and humorous view. A viewer must have a detail-oriented stance and an open mind before the works of Kezzyn to be able to enjoy a narrative beyond what is seen, where sometimes the obvious is not pure fantasy.'

Personal and group exhibitions:

08/2011  Zavod art-gallery. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

03/2012 Vertol-Expo exhibition centre. Rostov-on-Don, Russia

06/2013 − Art-centre. Samara, Russia

03/2013 − More art-gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia

11/2013 − Gallerie Vernon. Prague, Czech Republic

01/2014 − House of National Minorities. Prague, Czech Republic

06/2014 − Gallerie Vernon. Prague, Czech Republic

10/2015 − Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 158. PHOTOBLOCK. London, UK

10/2015 − Espace des Blancs Manteaux, La Quatrième Image photofair. Paris, France

11/2015 5th CIDPAE Digital Photography Exhibition. Museum of Photography. Lishui, China

01/2016 − Palais de Congrès, 6-e Rendez-Vous Image photofair. Strasbourg, France

04/2016 − Porta Nuova, MIA photo fair. Milan, Italy

06/2016 − Chelsea Old Town Hall, Untitled Artists Fair. London, UK

06/2016 − Micro Museo Monza. Salomé. Monza, Italy

07/2016 − Darkroom Galerie, Les Lauréats de Rendez vous pour Image 2016. Nice, France

07/2016 − Galerie Liberte, 5 lauréats et l'exposition "1% de privilégiés". Arles, France

07/2016 − Photoplace Gallery. Imagined Realities. Middlebury, USA

09/2016 − Kraftwerk. Berliner Liste 2016. Berlin, Germany

12/2016 − Scope Miami Beach. Miami, USA

03/2017 − Devil Inside Me. The Public House of Art. Amsterdam, Netherlands

04/2017 − Affordable Art Fair NYC. New York, USA

04/2017  XPost. Kölner Lister 2017. Cologne, Germany

05/2017 − Pier 94. Context NY. New York, USA

05/2017 − Art Breda 2017. Amsterdam, Netherlands

06/2017 − Scope Basel 2017. Basel, Switzerland

07/2017 − 21 ACCROCHAGE. SCHAUstudio. Koblenz, Germany

09/2017 Modern Times. Galerie Christine Knauber. Belin, Germany

09/2017 – Berliner Liste. Postbahnhoff. Berlin, Germany

10/2017 – Europe is the Guest in Rees. MoSiMo Artraum. Rees, Germany

10/2017 – Das stinknormale Man. Reisa Efau. Dresden, Germany

11/2017 – Revolution from My Bed. YAP’17. Daegu, South Korea

12/2017 – Masters of LXRY. Amsterdam, Netherlands

01/2018 – Professional Photography Challenge 2017. Z22. Berlin, Germany

02/2018 Andrey Kezzyn's Pop-Up Exhibition. Friendly Society. Berlin, Germany

02/2018 Rotterdam Photo 2018: Fake/Truth. Deliplein. Rotterdam, Netherlands

04/2022 - Personal Exhib. "Evangelium nah Kezzyn" Vorona Gallery, Berlin, Germany

01/2023 − Rotterdam Photo 2023:  Rotterdam, Netherlands

07/2022 - "Tender Kisses" MS Artville, Hamburg, Germany

10/2023 - "Venus" Pride Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Author and coordinator of the international Photo Club Sushka


Organiser and trainer of workshops on staged photography